Installing Lunascape Wallet

A Wallet is required to use the G.U. Sandbox Chain. The Lunascape Wallet can be installed from the Google Chrome Website. You will need a Wallet to use the G.U. Sandbox Chain, but if you already have an Ethereum Wallet, this step is not necessary. Here, we will use "Lunascape Wallet" as the Ethereum Wallet application.
The following are the steps for installing and initially configuring Lunascape Wallet.

When you access in the Chrome browser, you will see a screen like the one below.
Lunascape Wallet Extension

Click the "Add to Chrome It's free" and go to the Chrome Web Store.
Lunascape Wallet Add to Chrome It's free
Click "Add to Chrome"
Lunascape Wallet Add to Chrome
Click "Add Extension" in the pop-up window to add it.
Lunascape Wallet Add extension
Lunascape Wallet fixed pin

Click on the [Wallet icon] on your browser toolbar.
Lunascape Wallet icon1
Click "Create New" to proceed
Lunascape Wallet Create New
Enter your password, click "Create", and you're done.
Lunascape Wallet Create

Click the "Wallet icon" on your browser.
Lunascape Wallet icon2
Click the "Already have a Wallet"
Lunascape Wallet Already have a wallet
Enter your seed phrase and new password, then click the "Restore" button to restore.
Lunascape Wallet Restore
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In your Chrome browser, go to
Install the Lunascape Wallet Extension from the Chrome Web Store
Initialize the settings