Add Ether Card to your Wallet
This section explains how to add an EtherCard to your Wallet that handles the fee currency on the G.U. Sandbox Chain.

Add an Ether card to the Ethereum Wallet app to send and receive the tokens. We will use "Lunascape Wallet" as the Ethereum Wallet app.

Once you have added the Sandbox Chain to your network settings, you can add tokens issued on the Sandbox Chain. Notes: In addition to ETH, which is the fee currency, the Lunascape Wallet can add tokens issued under the ERC20 standard, which is the base currency (fee payment currency) on the Sandbox Chain.

Add Currency

Configure the following settings in the screen below.
  • Select the network you added from the Network pull-down menu.
  • Specify the number of decimal places to display the [amount as an integer].
  • Select Base Currency as the [Token Type].
Select the network and add

After setting the above, click "Add Currency".
Set up Add Currency

Drag it to the left to scroll, and select the appropriate card.
Verify the Ether card
Check the [Network Name] in the upper left corner of the card and make sure that the card has been added to the selected network.
Check the Network Name
If the Wallet is using the address you entered as allocAddress when creating the network, the initial Ether value of 1 billion Ether will be displayed. If the address is not, 0 is displayed.
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Adding an Ether Card to Lunascape Wallet
Click "+Add Currency" in Lunascape Wallet
Select the network you want to add and add it to the network
Set up the Ether card
Verify that the Ether card has been added to the network