G.U.Sandbox Chain

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G.U. Sandbox Chain Objectives

G.U. Sandbox Chain is a free blockchain environment provided by G.U. Technologies. You can understand blockchain's traceability, transparency, and development in concrete terms. G.U. Sandbox Chain is a service that allows you to experience blockchain easily.

What you can experience with G.U. Sandbox Chain

Users will be able to experience the following with the pre-built blockchain
  • Connect to the blockchain to send and receive currency via Wallet
  • Check the actual contents of the blockchain sent and received
  • Running programs on the Ethereum blockchain network
    • Run Solidity Programs deployed on the network and get the results
    • Confirm the history of the programs you have run is written on the block
  • Run your own Solidity program on the network
    • Check the parts stored on the network
    • Combine and compile the parts and deploy them on the network
    • Try to run the program deployed on the network
Let's experience the world of blockchain with the G.U. Sandbox Chain!

Preparing to use the G.U. Sandbox Chain

To use this service, you need to do some preparation work. Please read this content first and do the preparation work.